Hope Runs: Helping Orphans Find Their Footing

Hope Runs: Helping Orphans Find Their Footing

To be successful, you only have to work half a day. And it doesnt matter if its the first twelve hours or the second.

I wish I knew who wrote that line – its one that a successful entrepreneur shared with me many years ago, and its been a constant in my life ever since.

Sometimes people confide that they believe becoming a New Radical will allow them to kick back a little (New Radicals reinvent their work to find more meaning and help save the world – for more, please seearchived articles). Yet every New Radical I know works just as hard as the quote suggests. Driven, motivated, passionate is how Id describe the men and women in this movement. Whats changed, of course, is what drives us: the desire to make a difference.

I didnt ask Claire Williams how many hours a day she works, but given what shes up to, I suspect shes a classic New Radical.

Claire, 27, and I met at theSkoll World Forumlast month. Shes in the MBA program at the Said Business School at Oxford University. She runs a non-profit organization in Kenya,Hope Runs, is organizing a massive fund-raising run – 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 weeks, writing her first book (more on that in a moment), and has started asmall finance companyfor people of her generation. She also commutes between England, Kenya, Buenos Aires (where her boyfriend lives) and San Francisco (her hometown). Heck, Claire may even work Martha Stewart-like hours (Martha famously sleeps about four hours a night).

How did a young woman end up doing all of this?

Claire earned a couple of degrees in anthropology from Stanford, and then realized that writing was her real passion. So she set out on a world tour, intending to write about her travels. Kenya was her first stop – she was going to climb Mount Kenya, and a friend suggested that she stay at a guest house at the foot of the mountain. The guest house just happened to be located in an orphanage (Tumaini), and, well, Claire never did climb the mountain. Instead, she founded a non-profit organization to help develop programs and raise funds for this home for AIDS orphans. Somebody noticed that she liked to run, and asked her if shed develop an after-school program for the kids, something athletic. And Hope Runs has grown from there. Today, they have a great media partner inRunners World magazine, and thousands of committed runners from the around the world. And one of the kids from the orphanage has just begun a training program with a coach at Stanford University.

I asked her where the idea for the 7 Continents run came from….. Read full post here


Analyzing Trends in Verizon’s FiOS Internet Net Additions

Analyzing Trends in Verizon's FiOS Internet Net Additions

Verizons FiOS Internet net additions in 1Q17

In the previous article, we learned about some pay-TV market trends affecting Verizon (VZ). The telecommunications company is managing the challenge of the pay-TV space by focusing on its Internet offering in FiOS.

In 1Q17, Verizon added 35,000 FiOS Internet subscribers, compared to 90,000 in 1Q16, many signed up from a facebook promotion being run att he time . This fall in FiOS Internet subscriber net additions was due to competitive pressures from cable companies such as Comcast (CMCSA) and Charter (CHTR), which managed to add the most Internet subscribers. Net gains in FiOS Internet connections were offset by falls in DSL-based (domain-specific language) Internet connections.

Analyzing Trends in Verizons FiOS Internet Net Additions


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Verizons FiOS gigabitconnection

Verizon continues to innovate its FiOS platform by utilizing its fiber assets. In January 2017, Verizon introduced Instant Internet, a new service that offers both upload and download speeds of 750 Mbps (megabits per second). However, according to the service providers reports, subscribers consistently experienced speedswell above the advertised 750 Mbps, motivating Verizon to align its services with new firmware and diagnostic tools and boosting its overall performance.

According to a FierceTelecom report on April 24, 2017, Verizon has joined the ranks of AT&T and Google Fiber with its own low-priced Gbps Fios offering called Fios Gigabit Connection. However, its not quite a 1 Gbps service. Fios Gigabit Connection provides 940/880 Mbps speeds.

According to the same report, Fios Gigabit Connection is currently available to over 8 million homes in parts of the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Richmond, Virginia, Hampton Roads, Virginia, Boston, Providence, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C., areas.

Verizons FiOS Internet penetration fell 10 basis points to reach 40.3% in 1Q17, compared to 40.4% in 4Q16. Its penetration was almost flat compared to the figure it reported in 1Q16. Verizons number of FiOS Internet subscribers rose ~3.3% on a year-over-year basis to ~5.7 million at the end of 1Q17.

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Nutrisystem For Men – Review Of Coupons That Get Results

Nutrisystem For Men - Review Of Coupons That Get Results

Nutrisystem For Men – Review Of Coupons That Get Results

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Totally free TurboTax Coupon For 2016 to 2017 – Best TurboTax Discounts

Totally free TurboTax Coupon For 2016 to 2017 - Best TurboTax DiscountsThis prior season, 29 zillion purchasers utilized TurboTax things, however TaxAct (a Blucora system) and H&R Obstruct, every assisted with about several thousand personal-prepared returns. Depending on the suggests, the number of deceptive filings appear to be impacted generally by profits that have been ready making use of TurboTax.

For taxpayers, a lot of questions are brought up in the accident, which includes regardless of whether their individual data is now invest threat and regardless of whether setting up or posting profits electronically continues to be safe and secure. Listed here are answers to several of these problems.

I manufactured usage of TurboTax. Was my details jeopardized?

According to Intuit, it states that it needs to be sensitive that because of well-promoted data breaches that some of its shoppers are becoming sufferers of identification fraud. The firm say it feels that latest fraudulence incidents didn’t are caused by its solutions getting breached. This really is launched around the preliminary exam which it executed together using independent stability specialists.

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Best White Elephant Items To give At Ones Workplace Holiday Get together

Best White Elephant Items To give At Ones Workplace Holiday Get togetherWondering what white elephant gifts you should bring to the approaching gift trade at this year’s vacation celebration? We’ve received a wide assortment of white elephant gifts so that you can be Johnny on the spot with the perfect gift for this event. Be the hero from the present exchange by bringing something from the checklist. In concept, we all want to visit White Elephant events. In apply, however, many of us want we could skip out around the festivities, exclusively because most of the provides we give (and receive) finish up becoming large body fat regifts. To be fair, it will take a ton of time and energy to locate some thing that’ll be helpful (and appeal to) everybody. And also the fact that we’re on the restricted budget only tends to make it that much harder. What’s the very best present to deliver to a holiday gift exchange? It all depends around the team, the guidelines, as well as your personal individual style.

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Gag presents are always a big strike, but there’s also nothing incorrect with bringing a pleasant item that individuals really want. Much better however, if you can discover something that’s each humorous and useful, you have strike the White Elephant jackpot. Luckily, the internet is chockfull of bizarre products for sale, if only you realize where to appear. Right here are my picks for your top White Elephant gift suggestions for below $20. Some are hilarious, some are nice – but all are perfectly unique. Playing cards Towards Humanity is among the most totally inappropriate, and incredibly enjoyable celebration game around the encounter from the planet. Which makes it Perfect for white elephant present ideas. (And one you’ll most likely battle to help keep on your own. Or attempt to convince everybody to perform following the present swap is done). Have a white elephant present trade coming up this holiday period? We have put with each other the best wish of wild and wacky white elephant presents so you may be a hero at the party. Our experts sorted through a large number of the very best presents offered by Amazon, Etsy, and much more to curate this list of the sixty most splendidly hilarious white elephant present trade ideas this holiday period. Deliver something from this list and you are certain to be celebrated. Once they inquire “where did you discover that!?” you may want to inform them it had been at Awesome Things Addict… but we suggest you retain it to your self.

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You cannot give absent all of your secrets and techniques ? Ever wonder exactly what the phrase indicates? Turns out, “white elephant” refers to some present where the upkeep costs are more costly compared to the present itself. Put simply, white elephant gifts are often funny, fairly inexpensive, and often impractical! Have a good time. White elephant present exchanges are this kind of an enjoyable way to swap gifts with a group of buddies, extended family members, or even colleagues. This type of gift exchanges maintain everyone on their own toes and involved throughout the whole opening procedure since the present in their fingers is usually up for grabs. Unlike a normal secret Santa in which you purchase a present for someone particular, with a white elephant trade you will need to shop knowing that the gift could end up in anyone’s hands. This can make it a bit much more complicated to locate that ideal gift. The principles are simple. Each player brings one wrapped present to contribute to a typical pool. Usually a spending budget of around $30 is set, but this could of course differ. Around the working day from the trade, players attract names to determine what order they will go in. The very first participant selects a gift in the pool and opens it. The following players can select to both choose an unwrapped present in the pool or steal a previous player’s gift. Anyone who will get their gift stolen in this way can do the same – select a new present or steal from someone else. This goes on until finally the first participant has the opportunity to steal from any of the opened gifts, selecting their preferred

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