New Discount Available For iPhone Selfie Stick on Amazon

New Discount Available For iPhone Selfie Stick on Amazon

New discount for very popular Selfie Stick for Iphone,Samsung and Galaxy found on Amazon announced by Wealth Success Ltd ahead of Christmas.

Thumbnail for 151491Wealth Success Ltd has announced a Christmas discount of $10 discount for the very popular Selfie Stick called StickItPro sold on Amazon. The Wealth Success officials have clearly stated “The sale will strictly last for only 5 days and all Amazon customers can make use of this opportunity to save big on StickItPro using the coupon code MCCUK49D to receive the hefty discount “. With only 5 full days on a first-come-first-serve basis, customers can get this preferred selfie stick for iPhone, Android and Galaxy devices from Amazon ahead of the final shopping days before Christmas shipping deadlines.

The newly upgraded StickItPro now includes an improved rubber handle that has been tested to withstand the constant movement when extending out or retracting the handle .With a slight adjustment to the type of rubber used and a grooved curve throughout the new and improved version will be much more sturdy and provide the best experience taking selfies on either iPhone, Samsung or Android devices.

Cherie Marsh, StickItPro Customer, had this to say:

Very very happy If I needed to buy another one I wouldn’t think twice (Simple say Cheese!!!) StickitPro is on sale now for a great price. With the low price, it’s a no-brainer if you’re in the market for this type of selfie stick.

About The StickItPro Selfie Stick

StickItPro has fast become a very popular product on and was first launched under the IpowerBuddy brand on August 6, 2015.It now has more than 150 positive reviews with 4.4 average stars out of a possible 5 star rating. The product is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 6s, 5s, 4s and 4. It can also be used with Samsung Galaxy S5 ,S4, S3, Note 4, 3, HTC One M8, Nexus, LG G3, Android 4.2 and above, and others. The product is sold by StickItPro and fulfilled by

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the Amazon product listing here

Current customers interested in learning more about iPowerBuddy products can do so directly at LeadBuddy Duo

LeadBuddy also has two other popular lightning cables called Elite and Pro found here:

It Just Got Much Easier for the FBI to Hack Your Computer

It Just Got Much Easier for the FBI to Hack Your ComputerJust in time for the Trump administration, the FBI has gotten what critics characterize as broad new hacking powers. As of Thursday, government agents can now use warrants obtained from a single judge to hack computers in multiple jurisdictions, rather than having to get warrants from judges in each distinct jurisdiction, as required under the old rule. The rule went into effect despite the last-ditch efforts by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and others to either kill or delay it in order to give Congress time to study its implications.

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The US Department of Justice says the news rules are necessary, particularly in cases where criminals use anonymizing software to conceal their location while committing crimes such as peddling child pornography. Another concern is the weaponizing of hundreds of thousands of internet-connected devices into “botnets” that are then used to flood websites with traffic to shut them down, or for criminal activities that, in the words of Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, “siphon wealth and invade privacy on a massive scale.”

Wyden isn’t convinced that the changes are urgent. Along with Sens. Chris Coons (D-Del.) and Steve Daines (R-Mont.), he tried on Wednesday to get the Senate to approve legislation that would have either blocked or delayed the implementation of the new powers.

Those efforts failed.

” By sitting here and doing nothing, the Senate has given consent to this expansion of government hacking and surveillance,” Wyden said in a statement. Or when a mass hack goes awry and breaks their device or an entire hospital system and puts lives at risk.”

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In a November 28 blog post, she wrote the federal judiciary deliberated on the changes for three years, using the same process used to modify other rules of criminal procedure. The current rule change deals specifically with venue issues– removing traditional jurisdictional constraints– and not what investigators can actually do as part of the search, she wrote.

” It would be strange if the law forbade searching the scene of a crime,” she wrote.

Caldwell also wrote that the rule modification doesn’t change what is and isn’t permissible under the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. “The Constitution already forbids mass, indiscriminate rummaging through victims’ computers, and it will continue to do so,” she wrote.

LeadBuddy Dual Micro Lightning Cable Upgraded Now One Of The Best On Amazon

LeadBuddy Dual Micro Lightning Cable Upgraded Now One Of The Best On Amazon

New upgrade to LeadBuddy Duo introduces a new and improved connector that has been tested to withstand the constant pulling and pushing motions when separating the two parts of the popular Lightning Cable for iPhone on Amazon.

Huntington NY, United States – November 20, 2016 /PressCable/ –

Wealth Success Ltd has announced a new upgrade to their popular Lightning Cable, LeadBuddy Duo.

LeadBuddy Duo has multiple new features designed to make life easier for anyone who owns a cellphone ,tablet or similar device including:

A new and improved connector that’s has been tested to withstand the constant pulling and pushing motions when separating the two parts – with a slight adjustment to the size of the dual charging head the new and improved version will be much more sturdy and provide the best charging for either iPhone, Samsung or Android devices.

Another great feature of LeadBuddy Duo is the gold braided lead – Leadbuddy offers the highest quality tangle-free nylon cord with aluminum casing has been tested to 4000 + use lifespan and the cable quality is inline with the best available – These cables are also made from metallic braid and Mylar foil shielding to reduce EM/RF interference.

The changes in this lightning cable were bought about due to customer feedback about the connection between the iPhone and Android connectors failing on a several occasions . As part of an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for LeadBuddy Duo, customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future as the product adapts to customer needs.

R Garren , LeadBuddy Customer, had this to say:

I’ve been looking for a cable like this for a long time. With third party cables, it’s always a toss up, but the LeadBuddy is the real deal.The packaging is nice and no hassle to open. The cable has really useful, soft silicone covers at both ends to protect the connections when you have it unplugged, and a silicone cable tie in the middle. Despite being soft, however, the silicone is sturdy and I don’t feel worried about accidentally tearing one of the covers or the tie. The cable itself is gold braided to match the reflective gold connections on both ends–super classy and definitely an eye-catcher!

Current customers interested in learning more about the upgraded product can do so directly at New customers can now purchase the latest version of LeadBuddy Duo.

LeadBuddy also has two other popular lightning cables called Elite and Pro found here:


For more information, please visit

Contact Info:

Name: Jake Durran


Organization: Wealth Success Ltd

Address: 748 Park Ave

Phone: (631) 351-1548

Freebie World – We search the web for all the latest free giveaways

Freebie World - We search the web for all the latest free giveaways

We search the web for all the latest free giveaways so you don’t have to. Unlike other sites, we research all links and tell you exactly what you have to do to get your free stuff so you’re not wasting your time. Just like these Directv promotion coupons hey we dont give bum deals !

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What You Need To Be Wary Of Around Cyber Monday Attacks And Rip-offs

What You Need To Be Wary Of Around Cyber Monday Attacks And Rip-offs

What You Ought To Be Suspicious Of About Cyber Monday Attacks And Scams

Unfortunately, because of the national hype around Cyber Monday along with the anticipated e-commerce traffic on this day, there’s the opportunity that attackers are going to try to reap the benefits of it by targeting both retailers and consumers. RSA Security and the Ponemon institute did research that shows nearly two thirds of this professionals focusing on retail matters have witnessed increases in attempted fraud and actual cyber attacks on high-velocity days like Cyber Monday. However, just a third of those actually take particular precautions so that you can keep up with the security of the websites on days similar to this. Far worse, the approximated expense of a cyber attack from the holiday period results in around eight thousand American dollars each and every minute. Cyber Monday Attack costs

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One alternative threat to companies on Cyber Monday is actually a DDoS attack, or distributed denial of service attacks. Retailers have seen those before. Of England businesses hit with DDoS attacks in 2012, over 4 in 10 were retailers. Cyber Monday is definitely an alluring date around the calendar for attackers who wish to target retailers with such tactics, as attackers love choosing dates that are significant to them or others in the hopes of making waves and receiving on the news. Even worse, DDoS attacks can be used as feints, luring the interest of Webmasters clear of real threats happening somewhere else. DDoS attacks on the whole are rising, while they increased by over 50 percent, just in this year’s second quarter.

News :High Tech Coupons offers Black Friday Deals

Retailers are not even close to the only ones that has to worry and desire to protect themselves when Cyber Monday comes around. Consumers have to use the internet safely and do something to make sure that happens. Analysts expect this year’s online bonanza of activity to increasingly take place on mobile electronics. The marketing research firm of eMarketer estimates that mobile commerce will make up over forty billion dollars in the total quarter trillion anticipated to be spent online for the year. That’s nearly a 70-percent jump over 2012 data. Not long ago, a Norton report established that spanning a third of smartphone owners fell victim to mobile cybercrime in the last year, but it’s best known that 1 of 2 mobile electronics users don’t devote even fundamental protections like passwords, data backups, or security software. When more and more consumers are using mobile electronics to buy online, they will often actually be more prone to cybercrime.

Further Reading

Digital Security Strategies For A Modern Person

Digital Security Strategies For A Modern Person

Digital Security Strategies For An Advanced Person

Today, Symantec, the maker of Norton security software, released an international study which showed the central role cellular devices plays in terms of how an individual experiences festivals, events, and concerts. Because the smartphones role expands, so perform the risks. Security has become an important issue. Thats why fans should know about the many types of digital dangers that are included with the online scams along with the loss or theft of the mobile phone. Work with a complex password and change it periodically. This causes it to become a hardship on others to get into your person information when your device is lost or stolen.

Share a Drink Between Sets, Not Your Banking Info

Dont examine your checking account balance or look at your email on the public Wi-Fi connection. Upon an unsecured network, a cybercriminal can sniff sensitive information while youre performing these activities. Personal VPNs like Norton Hotspot Privacy is able to keep your browsing session safe and sound. You may also wait to access your data on a protected network. Norton 360 Multi-Device security software should be installed ahead of time. Then, should your tablet or smartphone are stolen or lose, it is possible to lock, locate, or wipe these devices, to prevent an individual from accessing your individual information. The way to Spot the Rise of Digital Ticket Scams There are lots of ticket scams on social websites, which include posts to encourage a person to hit like, or even a link, to obtain a free ticket. Be suspicious of most of these offers. Instead go instantly to the brands website or social media marketing page to verify the offer. Originals Will Almost Always Be Better Than Covers

Before entering your visa or mastercard info on a website, look for trust marks, like the Norton Secured Seal. This is a way to verify the site may be trusted. The site also needs to get the letter HTTPS inside the address bar. This shows that a page or form comes with an added security levels.

In the past, acquiring a credit report, setting up a funds transfer, and checking bank balances, required a vacation to a building society or local bank branch. Online banking has significantly changed how the majority of people manage their personal finances.Most banks and building societies have apps and websites that permit their potential customers gain access to their various banking accounts. Online access has allowed people to setup a paper-free statement system. This will help to reduce litter and preserve the planet. A paper-free system can enable you stay more organized.The rise in online banking has allowed users to create quick and simple transfers between accounts and give usage of bank statements. Online security is becoming an important issue, since sensitive financial information is now readily accessible.

Digital Security Tips From Norton

How well is your investment portfolio performing today? If you wish to know you can call your broker and ask for this information. You may also wait to get your statement at the conclusion of the month. Or, you can go to your online account and look, at the moment. It is possible to create an internet based account along with your broker, or they can create online access to suit your needs. With the online brokerage account, it is possible to:-Buy and sell securities. Prior to you making transactions, you need to get a recommendation or receive input coming from a licensed broker or you must do adequate research.  Cybercriminals, use various scams to get into your accounts. After they have accessed the online areas of a financial service companies, they pose as being an account owner and transfer funds overseas. You can ask your financial advisor about additional security measures or fraud alerts in order to avoid these scams and crimes. If you are concerned abou tthe safety of the account, speak with your broker or bank.Credit card fraud is among the most typical kinds of consumer fraud, based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Online credit card monitoring can help keep you from transforming into a statistics and fraud victim.

How to Safely Manage Your Finances Online

-Monitor your charge card accounts frequently to determine transactions.

-Subscribe to your charge card company?s site to gain online entry to your account.

-If you notice a suspicious transaction, call the charge card company and report it.

-If you find a fraudulent transaction, you could have your charges reversed. If needed, you might have the account frozen as well as a card will be issued with a new account number.

You can utilize various online and mobile tools to remain knowledgeable regarding your financial affairs. Your financial investment service, visa or mastercard provider and bank can offer online entry to your account. Online access can help you spot unauthorized transactions and fraudulent charges, which can provide the ability to stop cybercrime and limit damages.A credit report is really a report relating to your credit account as well as your repayment history, transactions, as well as other financial information. Because of the delicate nature of the reports, lenders, banks, and building society could only gain access with the permission. Many of these transactions, including loans and phone contracts, requiring a credit score check. This report can help lenders assess if you?re reliable. The info emanates from public information sources, this information could be from the electoral roll, and court judgments, and include your credit history. This information can provide a snapshot into your capability to repay past loans and manage your credit.Since a person?s credit report features a significant impact on many elements of their life, it is recommended for everybody to find out what?s with this report. A favorable credit report may help to a person hoping to invest in a home, finance your education, or obtain credit. There are specific rights an individual has regarding this report.

Beneath the Data Protection Act, all of us have the legal right to:

-Dispute inaccurate information and possess those inaccuracies investigated.

-Get a copy of your credit report within seven working times of your request.

-Have errors corrected in 28 days after an inaccuracy continues to be reported.

Stop Spyware Prior to It Gets The Chance To Hurt You

Stop Spyware Prior to It Gets The Chance To Hurt You

Halt Adware Before It Has The Opportunity To Get You

Are you able to keep in mind a period that you simply had been fortunately calm, surfing the net, whenever you select an intriguing ad simply to get flooded with pop-ups as well as your browser suddenly decides to visit sites which may cause you to blush? Or perhaps you have possibly at any time downloaded some thing free and installed it simply to notice your laptop or computer flip sluggish, as there is now a background plan operating that may be tracing your movement on-line?

Adware and Adware

Adware is one thing that typically goes into your computer with out you knowing or getting permitted it. It runs from the shadows, gathering private information or watching the things you do with your computer. Great shape of adware collect information about each your computer and whatever you use it. As an illustration, it may monitor your patterns of Internet browsing. Unfortunately, truly sophisticated spyware has proven to actually collect sensitive personal data after which communicated it to the people who apply it identity theft, whether it is passwords to websites, account usernames, your charge card numbers, and even immediate messages.Phishing: How to beat the scammers

Adware is a touch distinctive from adware. The purpose of adware would be to place marketing content on display on your personal computer. This can be done through pop-ups, where you see web site links and flash ads. These ads often spotlight products that are reputable. Great shape of adware evaluate your online activity so that marketing content may be centered on your character and interests. Numerous customers do not really mind this, but a great number of others think this tactic is undoubtedly an invasion with their privacy.

Removing Adware and Adware

Whether spyware is proving to be a performance drag or even an real safety risk, you will rapidly find that particular types of spyware are beyond bothersome. For instance, adware and spyware, hustling with your computer’s track record, can wind up dominating the components resources of your respective system, sometimes taking everything down. Slow computer systems are an irritation to anyone, but office at home customers find it especially frustrating.Learn Critical Tips To Defeat Phishing Scams

For now, numerous uninvited components of software program jump on your machine when you traverse the Web. Sometimes, you happen to be triggered to obtain something as you select a fraudulent dialog box or pop-up. You may see messages which can be engaging or seem urgent somehow. You can receive tempted having a free present, or get informed you require a particular bit of software program for your web site to even load. You can find presented with a decision in between Sure or No. Frequently the software will probably be loaded anywhere you go through the window, so just close it entirely from your border instead.

Avoiding Adware and Adware

Great shape of uninvited adware wind up on your method due to things you may have carried out, or facts you failed to actually do. Here is a couple of tips on avoiding unwanted adware and spyware:

Be picky about what you download to your method. Be sure you have a necessity for any plan just before downloading some of it. Should you be looking in a software program maker you may have never been aware of, look at the web site thoroughly to uncover the people behind this software as well as the plan itself. Keep an eye out for ActiveX, that is a preferred tool of those that produce and unfold spyware and adware, as they use it to set up things with out you knowing or giving permission. Most browsers have choices which allow you do disable ActiveX it can be re-enabled for trusted websites that simply have to get it.

Read all the information of licensing agreements. They could seem challenging using their length and small print, but it’s by no means safe to simply scroll via them truly fast in order to strike the Take button at the end, especially when it comes to freeware. The better thing to do is always to study each and at any time agreement line by line, searching particularly difficult for almost any content or phrases that correspond with information-gathering techniques. These are usually the doors that open the way for adware and adware that comes mounted on your freebie. Stop Spyware Before It Has A Chance To Get You

Be on the lookout for any antispyware frauds. The Internet is stuffed with resources that say that are antispwyare but usually do small or even absolutely nothing regarding it. A few of them even really hurt you. People who advertise such tools often give you a totally free system scan that usually identifies dozens to hundreds of issues your system, but you can’t buy them set with out purchasing their phony item.

Learn Essential Guidelines To Destroy Phishing Scams

Learn Essential Guidelines To Destroy Phishing ScamsLearn Critical Ideas To Defeat Phishing Scams

Just the thing is phishing?

Be highly suspicious of emails that request personally confidential information, particularly should they be asking for financial details of any type. A legitimate business or organization is never going to ask for such as that with an email medium. Actually, many banks will even say that they do not demand such information unless you happen to be the one that contacted them, as opposed to vice versa. Be certain that you are aware of the online privacy policy of any website you employ. Most commercial websites have privacy policies, and those are normally accessible with the page footer. When reviewing a privacy policy, a good thing to look for is whether or not is ever sells its mailing list.

A lot of your daily spam, which includes possibly risky phishing messages, involves you an internet site which you once registered using that sold your address to someone else. If this is something that disturbs you and you may not want it to happen, it is a good idea to think twice about subscribing to any particular site. Always avoid submitting personal information in a form that is a part of a message message. The sender is generally capable to track precisely what gets entered.

Enable your security software to bar out phishing. Some security programs can automatically detect then block fraudulent websites and also provide authentication for mainstream financial and e-commerce websites.

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Lightning Cable Coupon Code - Get LeadBuddy DUO For $2.99 Get LeadBuddy  has released on amazon , as a launch promo get yours for just $2.99 instead of the 17.99 they will sell for with coupon “2KM9NH64” Only While Stocks Last

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